Feeling dissatisfied with life? Try these feel good exercises that actually work
Research has shown that there are simple exercises you can do daily to improve your mood and increase feelings of wellbeing.

Some people seem to cruise through life with boundless confidence and positivity, while others are not so lucky and find themselves all too often brought down by that voice of the inner critic and it’s seemingly endless and unrelenting negative self-talk. The good news is that there are some simple exercises you can do daily that research has shown to improve mood and increase feelings of wellbeing.

    • Start a gratitude diary: Set aside some time to write down five things that you are grateful for that day.
    • Listen to uplifting music: Have a playlist of music that you find upbeat and positive and listen to three or four tracks when you feel like your mood needs a bit of a boost.
    • Recall happy memories: Take some time to recall an early happy memory, relive the event in your mind and write down the details including your thoughts and feelings at the time.

Incorporate any of these exercises in your daily routine to add a little pick-me-up to your day!

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