Mental health
Adverse Childhood Experiences
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The adverse childhood experiences study examined the relationship between 10 categories of adverse and traumatic experiences in the first 18 years of life and physical health, mental health and social functioning outcomes.
How to Have a Successful Relationship: Part 3 – Principles of a happy relationship
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This three-part series delivers tips on relationships from Dr. John Gottman, a world renowned expert on relationships and marital stability, having researched the subject since the 1970’s. Gottman is most famous for his ability to predict if a couple were going to divorce based on his observations of their interactions and behaviour. This three-part series covers relationship myths; behaviours that predict the end of a relationship, and principles for a happy relationship.
Feeling dissatisfied with life? Try these feel good exercises that actually work
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Research has shown that there are simple exercises you can do daily to improve your mood and increase feelings of wellbeing.
Wear your scars with pride, not shame
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Scars from wounds that we have worked hard to heal should be a source of pride, not shame.