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Reflection is a key tool on the path to self actualisation. With reflection comes insight, and on this site you will find helpful information to assist you in this process, or book a one-on-one session to kick start your healing journey or deepen the path you are currently on


So you know what needs work now, but how do you do it? We provide you with motivational and thought provoking articles to further your development, or you can choose to work one-on-one to co-create a path specific to you own needs and goals


Connection is a powerful healer, and these days it is too easy to become isolated. Join the VenusEmpowered Facebook group for a safe and supportive place to share and interact with like-minded people

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you are not alone

life inevitably presents us with challenges and sometimes we can need a little help

Reaching out for help when we feel overwhelmed is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength.

It is important to check in with and attend to our own well being, particularly in these challenging times when a global pandemic is leaving many people battling anxiety and depression.

Whatever the cause of distress, reaching out for help when we need it can get us back on track faster than pushing through on our own. 

Connecting with a community of positive and supportive women can make a significant difference to your well being, or, if you prefer, work one-on-one with a qualified counsellor. Sometimes all that is needed to re-ignite your own self-healing capability is the experience of being truly heard. 

About me

My name is Karen Anderson and I am the founder of Venus Empowered. I am a qualified counsellor, certified in cognitive behavioural therapy and with a special interest in emotion focused therapy. On a personal note, I am a divorced mother of three, two boys and one girl, and have experienced many of life's ups and downs. I have a passion for helping people overcome life set backs and challenges, to see them begin to thrive again with renewed strength, wisdom, resilience and enthusiasm for life. 

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