Problem solving to reduce anxiety
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The easing of pandemic related restrictions brings with it feeling of relief, however, it also can bring increased feelings of anxiety. Problem solving is one method of potentially combating this anxiety.
Why do I feel so tired all the time now?
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As the challenges of 2020 drag on, many are left wondering “Why am I feeling more tired now, why am I not adapting better to this situation?”
Dealing with Covid-19
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As a result of the challenges we are facing now, a great many people are reporting feelings of lethargy, despondency, irritability and disillusionment.
How smartphone addiction is making us miserable – and what to do about it
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With the rise of smartphone use we have seen a rise in new areas of concern in terms of our wellbeing. Mobile phone addiction, chat addiction, social media addiction and internet addiction are all real issues
Surprisingly common unhelpful ideas that can affect your quality of life
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Have you ever wondered why some people seem to struggle through life while others breeze through it?