How to Have a Successful Relationship: Part 1 – Relationship Myths
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This three-part series delivers tips on relationships from Dr. John Gottman, a world renowned expert on relationships and marital stability. Having researched the subject since the 1970’s, Gottman is most famous for his ability to predict if a couple were going to divorce based on his observations of their interactions. This three-part series covers relationship myths; behaviours that predict the end of a relationship, and guidelines for a happy relationship.
The importance of validating a child’s emotions
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Chronically invalidated children can grow into adults plagued with self-doubt, low self esteem and lack of confidence that can affect everything from the relationships they engage in to the career paths they choose.
You may think you need to suppress negative emotions, but here’s why you shouldn’t
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Suppressing negative emotions is a form of avoidance and may lead to emotional dysfunction.